A New Contender

A New Contender

The best thing to come home to, in my opinion, is the smell of fresh soup bubbling on the stove. So imagine my pleasantly surprised state a few days ago when my mum decided to pull out an old recipe of (Ghanaian) soup which has a light soup base but the secret is a little bit of peanut paste and a couple handfuls of spinach.

Now, I don’t know which of the two significant ingredients makes the soup as delightful as it is, but I’ve had 3 bowls of fufu in the last 4 days or so and I am not complaining one bit! It’s made me consider having a page just for food – considering how much I love it. Reviewing food was always going to happen on my blog but I think I’ll start with my mums soup. Obvs not as a review but just an appreciation post. Mother, I appreciate this soup very much. What I don’t appreciate is the new rule she made about me having to my make own fufu from now on – that is not fun or enjoyable!

Anyway, who else loves having mushrooms in their soup? I simply LOVE them! Once you bite into the mushroom be ready for a surprise as they explode with all that soupy goodness. It makes me tastebuds tingle just typing about it!

She also added some assorted meat including what I assume to be beef (could be goat or lamb), mackerel, shaki (tripe) and much to my dismay – kobe. Kobe is the worst tasting fish in the whole entire sea, I’m sure of it. Because of the Kobe, I rate this soup 8/10. Before she added it, it was definitely a 10.

This is defiantly a top contender for my favourite soup! Palm nut soup is currently the holder of that title, and the love I have for that is plentiful, especially when eaten with Abiti3 – but that’s a story for another day, sha!

How many of you guys also enjoy this peanut/spinach soup? Do you have it regularly or is it just as new to you as it is to me?

Welcome Welkom Bienvenue Akwaaba

Welcome Welkom Bienvenue Akwaaba

My name is Irene and this blog is something different that I’m trying out. (A neglected childhood passion, if you will)

I’m going through a stage of my life where I’m practically questioning everything I’m doing, so I’m using this platform as a self therapy-slash-somewhat-motivation-inspiration area for people who may have gone through similar or are going through it. Essentially what I’m trying to say is, we can all help ourselves by helping each other.

That won’t be all though! I may stumble into the Fashion/Beauty/Exercise/Hair and all the other stuff that comes with being me – so expect posts about that also!

It’s gonna start off a bit unstructured, unplanned and sometimes uncut (until I figure this thing out a bit more, of course) but it’ll be real and it’ll be genuine.


Let’s go 😉