Welcome Welkom Bienvenue Akwaaba

Welcome Welkom Bienvenue Akwaaba

My name is Irene and this blog is something different that I’m trying out. (A neglected childhood passion, if you will)

I’m going through a stage of my life where I’m practically questioning everything I’m doing, so I’m using this platform as a self therapy-slash-somewhat-motivation-inspiration area for people who may have gone through similar or are going through it. Essentially what I’m trying to say is, we can all help ourselves by helping each other.

That won’t be all though! I may stumble into the Fashion/Beauty/Exercise/Hair and all the other stuff that comes with being me – so expect posts about that also!

It’s gonna start off a bit unstructured, unplanned and sometimes uncut (until I figure this thing out a bit more, of course) but it’ll be real and it’ll be genuine.


Let’s go 😉

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