Weekend Ramblings S1E1A

Weekend Ramblings S1E1A

I’ve had a lot of things on my mind lately, I’m not even sure where my ramblings should begin.

First of awlll, in case I don’t post this on the day it has been written – today is September 15th.

Today I started my day by tidying my room and cleaning the bathroom. There’s something therapeutic about scrubbing the bathtub with bleach although the after effects of it are really annoying (talking about that heightened sense of smell after inhaling bleach-y fumes for ages). See, my bathtub gets quite grimy quickly because I use African Black Soap to bath twice daily, if you know what I mean, you know what I mean.

Anyway, I spent the latter part of my day at a family friend/in law’s graduation gathering, it felt really good to be out of the house, I can literally count on my one hand the amount of social experiences I’ve had this summer. Absolutely abysmal, I know. No summer has yet to compare to the summer of 2016.

Alas, topic of my graduation came up a couple of times and at this rate I’m getting tired of being embarrassed about my situation so I’m just gonna be chesty with it when I’m asked.

I study Medical Physiology and Diagnostics. Yes, I should have graduated by now, no, I’m not graduating next year, yes I had 2 retake years…3rd time’s the charm…right?

Well. That’s my life situation right now, I’m currently working to pay off my tuition – in case you didn’t know – SFE only funds you for 4 years then you’re on your own. So I have to self-fund my tuition this academic year. The plus side is that it’s £3,900. The down side is that I’m going to have to work along side studying – which everyone believes that I don’t have the ability to do.

In all honesty, my love for this course has slowly been dying out but it’s literally all I know but this is a whole ‘nother topic for another post. Just pray for me.

I haven’t even gotten to the true reason of my blog post yet but I guess this is why it’s called a ramble right?

I had recorded a video last week – sometimes I make my journal entries in video form (to fulfil my inner desire to be a “Yeleb” as MoChunks coined it). This video was about my early life crisis and I will make a whole new blog post about it because if I write about it now, it will surely be some kind of thesis. That was actually the main reason I started this post but hey-ho.

Meet me in the second half of today’s episode 😉

Peace and love,


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