Hi Guys, Welcome Back To My Life

Hi Guys, Welcome Back To My Life


So I guess I owe you a years worth of catch up. Technically, it’s only 7 months because I have drafted posts.

No? Not having it? Okay, let’s get to it then.

Since the last post I went to Ghana that December which was actually the first time I went since I was about 3, apparently I went to a nursery there for like 6 weeks, so that was a really really great experience for me. I ate to my hearts content, I met family members for the first time, visited the family home in Bodomase which had some ladies from my great grandmothers generation still residing there, I learnt about Nana Dwenti and his beef with Death, I visited Lake Bosomtwe and learnt about how it came about and its surrounding communities, I hiked about 12km to see Boti falls and then another estimated 6km to see another nearby waterfall (where we were told that snakes  that didn’t fear humans would come out if we didn’t hurry). I did this hike with my mother who was on crutches at the time but fortunately we share the trooper gene and went full speed ahead. I visited the herbal doctor-come-physiotherapist that works in Ejisu multiple times and befriended his daughter and son – these visits were made for my great aunt and grandma who go to get muscle massages after having experienced strokes and the collateral damage that comes with ageing in general. I went to Accra and got my hair done for free at my Aunts hair salon (Top Stars Hair Studio in Gbwe Mallam and also one in Hong Kong near the taxi station), I drank sachet water and proceeded to spray it out of my derriere not to long after, I went to Afrochella, I went to Mr Eazi’s Detty Rave (101% would recommend), I ate a lot of kebab, I enjoyed watching Kumawood movies on the VIP bus when I travelled between Kumasi and Accra, I earned the trust of my mums dog, Nhyira, who was sad to see me go, my grandma’s driver made multiple passes at me even though my mum was sat right beside him – in his defence he genuinely thought she wasn’t my birth giver, UGH I BROKE MY IPHONE SEVERELY like 4 days into my 21 day trip… I also didn’t do a lot of things like visit labadi beach, experience night life in Accra or go to a pool party but I’m saving those experiences for next time because there absolutely will be one.

If you would like to see some footage of this trip, feel free to watch my attempt at a vlog.

Long story short Ghana lives in my heart.

I saw a tweet once about how black people always say long story short after telling the long story and I’m half tickled and half triggered.

This prompted me to read more books, specifically black cultured books which, if you click the hyperlinked text, you will be able to watch my reviews on.

In March I went to a Ghana Independence themed Compozers concert which is a live band that play all the latest and greatest of mostly afrobeat music, obviously since it was a Ghana Independence concert all the hiplife and hi life hits boomed through the sound systems as the talented musicians played like their lives depended on it while the crowed cheered and jiggled their knees in joy and jubilation.

Then it was my birthday month and also the beginning of my personal summer, I spent my birthday at Rollervibe which I had wanted to go to for the longest of times, my friends will tell you it was surely a memorable night due to my “entertaining” antics.

Here you can watch highlights of April and May – I went to RE_CESS and Roll Out 966 which are events I think everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime because they are genuinely wholesome and enjoyable events.

Then there was sweet sweet Afronation in July, which brought me new friends, cheers to you if you read this, there was my first ever carnival which birthed this infamous moment.

THEN there was my first live show I went to which was The 90s Baby Show, which I’m a big fan of, I tried to vlog it but I kinda failed. I could revive it but laziness is has been chilling on my shoulder as of late. Now, the live show was supposed to be the closing of my summer since my trip to New York had to be cancelled after some forceful persuasion by my mother and sister, but somehow I found myself  in London again on Sunday to go to the RE_CESS summer closing party which was very kind to me, yet again.

And now here we are, I’m in my university accommodation with my Cardiology next book beside me while trying to figure out how to pay my rent before my shopaholic tendencies kick in.

Later on we will touch on how many times I cried when I first moved back to uni after a glorious gap year but not in this post. I need to gather myself together first, and get myself back into education mode – any tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated because  sis is struggling and sis is me.

Until next time America!





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