Beef Boat

Beef Boat

I’m definitely going to try this recipe 🤩


There’s beef!, quick come!

It’s been a year since I’ve posted my food recipe ‘s on here, my bad. This time I’m going to be consistent otherwise people will beef me 🤣

OK ok let’s get to it

Hold on..this is how it looks (if you do it right)

We doing visual aids out here!!

Okay now..what do you need?

• Beef (go to your butchers and ask for any sort of beef, but I used shin beef and topside beef)

* Paprika seasoning

* Garlic granules

* Chorizo ring

* Spring onions

* Premium Dark Soya Sauce (you’ll find it in Tesco)

* Dark soft brown sugar

* Red chillies

* Honey

* Flatbread

* Cheese (any one of your choosing)

* Wok or any deep frying pan

* Oil (vegetable, extra virgin or coconut pls, be healthy.)

Okay now you want to know how to make it init?…

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