Happy New Year 😘

Happy New Year 😘

2018 was really a memorable year for me. Not because it came gift wrapped in sparkles and shine, but because I experienced so many new things, made so many mistakes and lost something I never imagined I would lose.

2018 was like a slow decline while simeoultaneoulsly (I’m so sorry but even autocorrect wasn’t helping me at this point) inclining to a great end….blah blah blah.

These are the things I typed in February 2019, and now we are in 2020.


Part of me feels like I didn’t enter this year correctly. Yes, I went to church as per tradition but I kinda broke it by going to my aunty’s church where we we subject to vigorously clapping for 60 seconds while chanting “fire, fire, fire” but that isn’t what we are here to talk about today, dearly beloved.

I had my end of year all planned out, I was going to be the personified version of the black lady we see at the end of every year walking up the stairs with her big ole bag on her back which contained things like ‘peace’, ‘getting in my bag’, ‘bigger booty’, ‘joy’, ‘hair growth’ and all those kinds of things we all aspire to have one day while she walked over the steps which left behind things like ‘toxic relationships’, ‘jealousy’ et al. I was supposed to go buy a cutesy sparkling outfit in the morning followed by having my vision planning session with bessfren in the evening then go off to get ready for crossover service at my home church in the evening.

None of these things happened.

Aunty said by force I must come and visit since I failed to visit during 2019 and broke my promise to visit for Christmas for 2 consecutive years (I wish I could say this wasn’t who I am but…we will get to that later)

So, me being the obedient young lady I am, I packed by bag, she bought my train ticket and I set off to a the weird and wonderful land we all know as Croydon.

Since being here I’ve smiled and laughed so much more than I believe I have in the last 4 months, I have received a motivational pep talk from my twin cousin (shoutout to Lawrence), and I’ve eaten so much good food which naturally is one of my sources of joy.

Now that I have safely landed into 2020 without my plan ready, I actually feel very overwhelmed and need to take some time to really gather my thoughts because I, for one, have some major decisions to make. If you read my previous posts you would be aware that I returned to university after taking a year out to save for my tuition fees. I hadn’t wanted to return since summer 2018 but I digress…big decisions are in store for me and I can’t hack it but with the Holy Spirit and the support of my ‘tribe’ I will do just fine.

Now, I haven’t been the most consistent but I genuinely hope this changes, I will be taking some time out to really focus and ‘realign my chakras’ – maybe even for the entire January because as we all know, the New Year really begins in February

In the mean time, cheers to 2020 🥂. Personally I have had enough of these “this decade is when we get married and have kids.” but I wish you every success in terms of your vision for the year, the goals you aim to achieve, every positive thought that comes to your mind, I pray that it comes to fruition in some way, shape or form. And I pray you are able to adjust your mindset and mentality to allow you to achieve the things you aspire to this year.

Cya x